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“The Arizona Winds just keep getting better and better. We so enjoy the concerts. Thank you!”
– Ann E.

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The Arizona Winds Concert Band is one of the best deals out there for family entertainment. Free admission to every concert, and always a GREAT night out!”
– Matt N.

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“I have enjoyed the Arizona Winds Concert Band for a few years and have introduced many friends to the wonderful concerts these talented people provide for us!  Talk about being professional & entertaining; they do it all!  The director is a delight with humorous comments and interesting information on the composers and the history of the music.”
– Julie K.

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“Wonderful concert honoring our nation and military yesterday at Sun City Grand. Thank You!”
– Diane B.

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“Thank you! The band sounded wonderful today! The “Russian Christmas Music” was excellent!”
– Kimberly L.

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“Appreciated the concert today and the reference to “Christmas”, not just a holiday. The song selection was great. Merry Christmas to all of you!”
– Tami W.





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